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About Us

We've learned a few things over the last 20 years about talent in the Health and fitness, Leisure & Hospitality markets, and we’ve also seen some behaviour from the recruitment sector that quite frankly deserved a spell on the naughty step!

Leisure People was set up with a vision of being ‘different’ to traditional models, servicing a dynamic and hugely people focused industry that demanded a fresh approach to talent acquisition.

This message remains as relevant today as it did 20 years ago.

Our philosophy……………no fancy mission statement or jargon here, just a culture to collaborate closely with you and flourish together.

We understand the need for outstanding staff in today’s climate and the difference they can make to that organisation.

We also believe that people work best when they’re doing something they love, which is why we take real care in understanding fully what our candidates are looking for and only present them with opportunities that fit that brief.

It’s the founding principle of our motto…………..’do what you love’