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Start your day off better impacting you and your team

Posted on 13/08/2015 by Leisure People Marketing


Most of us work best with a routine. Our jobs pretty much give us that anyway but why not add a few things to your every day routine to ensure you go to work upbeat, motivated and ready for the challenges of the day. Making minor additions and adjustments to better your day is all we are suggesting. For many in management roles, your biggest and most important task is in boosting your team's morale and being a positive influence on them. With work and personal commitments, this is not as easy as you think. So before you press the snooze button; engage, be mindful of what you want to achieve that day and activate your body and mind to be more productive... and happier. 

Simple breathing:
First things first, let's get a sense of calm into your day. A shaky start is not a positive start to any day. Meditation is not just for the 'outside the box' types and although many of us sniff at it as time wasting, we can all, and should all take some minutes to do this. Yes it is very easy to rush around in the morning, checking texts, messages and social media but Stop! Spend some time 'almost meditating' with simple breathing techniques before the chaos begins. You would be surprised at the impact on you and your mood.

We grow up hearing about planning and being organised but in hectic lifestyles it often falls by the wayside. So whilst all is calm around you... plan plan plan. There is simply nothing better than being prepared and organised for the day ahead. Making lists for example can free up 'head space' and give you a sense of organised calm. Well, it works for plenty of us at LP Headquarters. Preparation is great for giving you structure to the day but will also give you a confidence that you are sorted with an action plan. So think about the day's priorities before it even begins. Yes other things will spontaneously come your way, but that can't be helped; and hey with your early morning prep you are ready for anything.

It's all very well having a positive attitude but your insides need to be nurtured too and can contribute to your mood and energy at work. Water is key to reducing hunger (not great if in a long meeting/ difficult shift) and headaches. Water is essential for flushing out toxins and staying hydrated. Even better kick-start your metabolism with water and a slice of lemon first thing.

Fuel positively:
The right fuel can do wonders to your energy levels and mood. We all know this really, and yes it is easy to make the bad choices when on the run or with limited time; but keep fresh and healthy and results will show in multiple ways. By looking after yourself you are getting the best of you at work and at home; and you'll look pretty good too.

Limber up: 
A long day at a desk or in a kitchen etc. can stress your muscles massively. Whilst many jobs in leisure and hospitality are fairly active, with many always on their feet or on the move, it is vital that you stretch, increasing and improving circulation and posture. Sit tall; it does wonders for positivity and how you sound on the phone too. Lots of Call Centres use this technique, getting sales staff to stand whilst on the phone so they sound happy and upbeat. Better than slumping low.

And finally on the drive/ commute to work, select upbeat, happy music to ensure you are full of positive energy. When you arrive at work with a spring in your step and a smile on your face, it can affect all those around you. After all, it is all about effective leadership and productivity. We all know what to do to feel better and happier and therefore feel fulfilled and engaged at work, but there is nothing wrong with a quick reminder now and again. Leisure People is passionate about 'doing what you love' and by boosting your happy endorphins, this will come so much easier.