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Top Tips to keeping your staff Motivated

Posted on 11/06/2015 by Leisure People Marketing


Often enough, employees are motivated by their salary and benefits package. People want, (need) to fulfill their basic needs, including of course security which for many is the fundamental reason for taking a job. The effect of financial reward is undeniably attractive and yet staff can be motivated and nurtured, putting this aside.

Here are 4 tips, that although most Managers are aware of, are key to driving your team forward in an inspired and positive fashion. 

Know your staff - Seems relatively simple, and can be if you have a small team but if you are working in a large gym or hotel for example and manage a majority of staff, the task then becomes all the harder. It is however key and a small step that shows your staff you care about them. Taking an interest in them also encourages a better working relationship to establish between them and you. You don't need to be pub buddies with your respective employees but understanding them, what makes them tick and any outside interests, gives you greater insight into them and what buttons you can push to get the best ouf of them.

Mix it up - Many people can be motivated quite simply by being empowered. Try and make tasks both interesting and challenging wherever possible. Of course this is not always easy and fundamentally each person is there to complete perhaps 'mundane' tasks, but if the opportunity allows, engage your employees in new tasks and activities. Perhaps break routine or rotate certain shifts. The effect of employees involvement in the process of decision-making can be equally powerful and positive. Employees can see a direct connection between a task they undertake, engagement and consequences of it.

Celebrate the good - Everyone likes success and achieving a good result and by celebrating this can encourage high morale and real connection between your staff. This doesn't need to be overly showy, but a lunch or drinks for example demonstrates to your staff that they are appreciated, valued and that you care. A rewards system integrated into reviews/ project plans can only be welcomed with wide arms.

Don't be afraid of praise - Every good Manager knows that praise reaps its own benefits. And whilst this is common practise for many, it is worth a gentle reminder to keep it on the radar. Again all you are doing is showing employees that what they have done has not gone unnoticed and it has impacted the team/ business positively. Every person is different, but we don't know many that won't 'buzz' after a public well done. 

Keep it going - Motivating your staff needs to be as important and on your daily tick list as many of your other business priorities. A lovely working environment and salary can only go so far in your employees job satisfaction levels. A motivated and happy employee is one that will strive harder...and most likely rub off on other team members. A salary may have attracted an employee but it will be how you and they work together which keeps them there.