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The highs and lows of working in a restaurant

Posted on 11/06/2015 by Leisure People Marketing


We always think knowledge is power so the below pointers gives you a true grasp of the real highs and lows of working in a restaurant. Your staff may welcome this information and ensures you are managing a knowledgeable and happy team.

Restaurant staff may suffer from anti sociable and long hours, but on the plus side of this, you will have days off/ weekends when other people are at work. This can feel like very special time - and the supermarkets are less busy.

You will often have advantages in all the restaurants within the group/ chain you may be working for. This can be amongst others, great staff discounts. Also if working within a chain/ group, you can have the opportunity to broaden your geographical scope with transfers. 

Staff stick together - and so you will often be welcomed and treated as VIPs in other neighbouring restaurants/ bars. That sounds like a perk to me.

You can have a good position and salary without studying for years and years. You will of course inevitably have to work over public holidays, this can prove difficult and anti social over Christmas for example, but the perk is that at least you will be in a pleasant environment with happy (mainly) guests enjoying their leisure time. You are working in an environment where people choose to go for their leisure/relax time so generally your guests should be upbeat, positive and happy. You will have the opportunity to meet new, different and interesting people every shift you do, across a number of nationalities and cultures. 

Some restaurants provide the opportunity to work in luxury, beautiful surroundings - this would surely beat a grey, quiet office hands down.

You are often on your feet for long periods of time - At least it keeps you fit and hopefully youthful. The tips you earn are all for your pocket, and will not be taxed. Provide a consistently excellent service and you can control these; or at least work harded to earn more. 

You may be fed during your working hours, saving you money and giving you some wonderful cuisine from your hard working kitchen. It is down to you. Alot of restaurants are rated for the quality of the staff over the food. Of course the food has to be excellent but served by a sullen Waitress, you will never get repeat business.

You learn how to understand different types of people, which is important to the success of your role, particularly in service roles. Some guests would like ongoing chatter throughout their meal; others would expect you to serve the food discreetly and quietly. You should learn how to read your guests and behave accordingly.

And the best... there is work for you at any time, in any place.